Thomas Rice

Profession: Office Manager About twenty years ago whilst dying of malaria I called upon the name of the Lord Jesus! I was saved and healed and led to America and […]

Frank Pratley

Profession: Scientist (Radiochemist) Frank is a workaholic scientist, who despite spending many years around the theological world did not believe in the possibility of having a personal relationship with the […]

Gary Flynn

Profession: Scaffolding Business Gary tells of restored hope Gary Flynn, a London business man who ‘lost everything’ after his health and business collapsed, but whose life was transformed when he […]

Rodney Radcliffe

Profession: Business Consultant A HOLIDAY ENCOUNTER! After being instructed in my personnel role to bring the sales force of a well known multi-national up to required levels through UK interviews […]

Malcolm Reeve

Profession: Retired Police Officer I was brought up in Norfolk where I joined the police as a cadet. This led me into a 30-year career until I retired as chairman […]

John Walker

Profession: Surveyor After going through the various degrees of Craft Masonry, I went on to the order of the Royal Arch of Jerusalem and the Knight’s Templar. Freemasonry was definitely […]

John Wright

Banker My ancestor, John Wright, was a Banker in Nottingham in the 18th century who helped to finance the Industrial Revolution. He formed the Butterley Company at Ripley, Derbyshire in […]

Trevor Bendrien

Businessman and musician with Power Praise Band My name is Trevor Bendrien, and I’m from a village called Queensbury, England. You might have heard of it, being world-famous as the […]

Stuart Watson

Interviewer: Welcome to another brief encounter. Today, we are interviewing Stuart Watson, a young person from the Belfast area. Interviewee: Yes, the Roma community in Ireland. Interviewer: What is your […]

Harry Magee

Former teacher and now FGB Director for Ireland Arrested by God in School My name is Harold Magee better known as Harry to my friends. I was a high School […]