FGB Norwich – report of Christmas Dinner 13-12-22

An amazing evening for those gathering for Norwich FGB’s Christmas dinner. Over 80 booked in to enjoy a traditional Christmas plate of turkey and trimmings in the fabulous City Suite of the Mercure Hotel. Laughter, crackers, carols and a real buzz of Christmas celebration filled the restaurant.

Kevin Charles-Thompson was an SAS officer specialising in hostage release. He had fought ISIS in Syria, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Al-Shabaab in Africa, and the IRA in Ireland. Other missions were confidential and cannot be divulged. He was struck by the intense evil in terrorist groups, and realised it was a spiritual phenomenon. He thought and prayed, and one night, whilst in the desert in Syria, dreamt of meeting God on the summit of a mountain. The next day, he saw the mountain! He took his gun and pack, climbed 3,000 metres in 4 hours to the summit, and fell to his knees in tears as he met the living God. He was 37, and soon retired from the SAS. Called to be an evangelist, he started preaching the gospel, healing the sick, and casting out demons. Now 43, he has a call to the U.K., and especially to Norfolk. Several people went forward for salvation. Then there was a surge as 2 or 3 dozen went to the front, desiring more of the Spirit in their lives. Some crashed out under the power of God, some found they were healed, and demons were clearly being despatched from the afflicted. It was a unique and memorable evening, and a great way of entering the Christmas season, especially for those coming into a wonderful new life.