Report from the Full Gospel Global Forum meetings in Singapore

This GLPS, associated Full Gospel Global Forum meetings and the training provided by our hosts the FGB Gatekeepers Singapore, made a significant impression on all the leaders of the FGB and BMF organisations present in Singapore.

The real joy and unity in the Spirit experienced by the 150 delegates from 20 different national FGB and BMF organisations was remarkable. The times of worship and praise were vibrant and the prayer times led by brothers from Singapore and Nigeria were effective with a measure of spiritual warfare, intercession and prophetic utterance and a sense of the Lord’s presence and blessing on the men and women present as we all ‘dwelt together in unity’ (Psalm 133).  The spread of nations represented covered all the 8 global regions represented on the FGGF Steering Committee. The nations represented by their leaders included Singapore, China (Hong Kong and Shanghai), Australia, India, Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Costa Rica, Canada, USA, UK, Austria, Germany, Finland, Russia, and Lithuania.  

The unity in the Spirit flowed from the prayer times to the FGGF meeting where it was decided to hold the next GLPS in Nigeria. Azike Diribe from Nigeria was also welcomed as the new Chairman of the Steering Committee for the next year, as Peter Spreckley expressed his willingness to stand down as Chairman, whilst continuing to serve on the Steering Committee for the next year.

The greatest spiritual impact from our time in Singapore was perhaps the mini MDN (Making Disciples of all Nations) training course presented as an optional extra to the GLPS by the leaders of FGB Gatekeepers Singapore. This course opened our eyes to the possibilities for truly affecting the nations with our witness and desire to make disciples in the marketplace of life. FGB Gatekeepers Singapore had been led by the Holy Spirit to change their name from Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship to FGB Gatekeepers, which has helped open up the gates to the nation. They have then sought to take every opportunity (as well as holding dinner meetings and usual outreach events) to send trained and anointed  Gatekeepers (elders/apostles) into the 7 cultural gates of the nation (Church, Family, Government, Education, Media, Business and Arts & Entertainment) to make disciples and change the society in which live, by essentially seeking to  implement Christian values into the marketplace. The testimonies of how effective they have been was so inspiring: businesses transformed, laws changed (including a new declaration of human rights), a government backed training course on how to be good fathers, etc.

There was also time for a tour of the sights in Singapore: a spectacular place, with dramatic coastlines, modern buildings and architecture and even a very impressive light show.


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