Stuart Watson

Interviewer: Welcome to another brief encounter. Today, we are interviewing Stuart Watson, a young person from the Belfast area. Interviewee: Yes, the Roma community in Ireland. Interviewer: What is your […]

Harry Magee

Former teacher and now FGB Director for Ireland Arrested by God in School My name is Harold Magee better known as Harry to my friends. I was a high School […]

Christopher Roberts

Profession: Barrister & Author Introduction To My Testimony I was born in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, in 1956, where I was raised a Catholic, and attended a Catholic school until I […]

Bob Boler

Profession: Retired Metallurgist CAN A SCIENTIST BE A CHRISTIAN? For a scientist miracles are impossible and speaking in tongues is just babyish babble. Yet I have come across many miracles […]

Ash Kotecha

Born into a prosperous Hindu family in Malawi, south-east Africa, I came to the UK at the age of 17 for further education. As a fun-loving university student, I also […]

Fabrice Muamba

Professional footballer, whose heart stopped MY HEART STOPPED FOR SEVENTY-EIGHT MINUTES My name is Fabrice Muamba, and I was born on April 6, 1988 to Marcel and Gertrude Muamba […]