Membership & Resources

Interested in membership of FGB UK & Ireland ? If so, please read through the Membership Application document, which you can download here: Membership. Women should also read the Women of FGB leaflet, which includes more specific information on the requirements for membership.

Membership is for both men (as members of  Full Gospel Businessmen) and women (as members of Women of FGB).

Membership is for Christians who have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. If you would like to find out more about what it really means to be a Christian, then please download a free copy of the FGB booklet: Finding God.

If you agree with all the requirements for membership and believe that God is calling you to join us, then please contact us through the the FGB National Office: to find your nearest active local group to visit. Then having noted the name of the local group and its leader, please complete the online membership application if you would like to formally apply for membership.

Many of the FGB online resources are available just to members (with a unique member password) in the sections under the Member’s Resources tab or the other literature menu items. These pages include many of the FGB published documents available to download, such as the leaflet for membership application form, through the link above. All the documents and images in the sections under Member’s Resources can be downloaded by members or hard copies ordered from the National Office through the on-line shop or by contacting the Office.

However, please note that some of these documents are to be updated as they still refer to the name of FGB in the UK and Ireland as FGBMFI. The new name is now Full Gospel Businessmen UK & Ireland, the national office of which may be contacted through or .