Gary Flynn

Profession: Scaffolding Business

Gary tells of restored hope
Gary Flynn, a London business man who ‘lost everything’ after his health and business collapsed, but whose life was transformed when he found faith in Jesus Christ, recently shared his story of healing and renewed hope at an FGB dinner.

Gary admits he has been to hell and back, but today he is a happy man  very different from his early years when he began drinking at 13 after his dad, Jimmy, was killed by a stray bullet on an Army firing range.

Gary married at 18, but it ended in divorce. Despite the onset of near-suicidal depression, his scaffolding business prospered and he soon had a 1million house in West Sussex. However, he fell ill and doctors diagnosed stomach cancer. As business pressures mounted, Gary experienced panic attacks and began drinking again up to 20 pints a night.

Then a friend  a London street trader  invited Garry to the well-known Alpha discovery course.  It was the start of an unusual spiritual journey  because Gary says God woke him up in the night and he sensed the healing presence of Jesus. From that moment , Gary’s life was radically changed. I couldn’t get enough of Jesus. I felt as if my life has just begun . . . now I am a changed man, no more swearing, drinking, womanising. Jesus has made me smile again. He can do the same for anyone.