AT THE AGE of ten, Demos was practically deaf from a childhood injury. There were periods of time when his hearing would partially return and other times when he was totally deaf. The injury and resulting affliction caused him to pray as he never prayed before in his young life. His mother, a great prayer warrior, held on to God earnestly seeking deliverance for her son.

Three years passed. Demos was thirteen. He was sitting in church worshipping God. Suddenly the power of God fell upon him and filled him. He was Baptized with the Holy Spirit. For four hours, from eight until midnight, he was unable to speak a word of either Armenian, English or ish, the three languages with which he was familiar. The Spirit of God took complete charge of his vocal organs, and during those four hours he spoke with other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance.

When he arrived home, he had another wonderful experience, which he describes as follows: “The power of God smote me down to the floor and there I lay absolutely helpless, unable to rise or get in bed. As I lay there in that helpless state, God spoke to me and said, “Demos, will you ever doubt My power?” Then I tried to get up, but found myself still helpless. Two more times the Lord asked me that question and two more times I assured Him that I would never doubt His power. From that hour, I have proved over and over the reality of the power of God in my life. Jesus will never fail those who dare to believe.

“I needed that experience and that assurance in the days and years to come, for the pathway has not always been rosy, and in the trials and testings I have been able to remember that when I was completely helpless, flat on my back on the floor in my bedroom, God called upon me to trust Him completely, and I assured Him that I would!”

During his high school years, Demos decided to venture into business for himself. Isaac, who had always been successful and prosperous, gave his son a capital nest egg of $2,000. With this, Demos and a friend, Dan, started into the dairy business. Dan and Demos built their dairy herd up to sixty milk cows. With this herd, they were able to make more money than their high school teacher drew as a salary.

But this business triumph was short-lived. Soon the depression came upon them and they lost everything except the $2,000 nest egg provided by Isaac. Demos decided when he got down to that next egg that he should get out of business, and he did. God would not allow the $2,000 which had been earned and provided by Isaac to be lost even by his son!

Demos then ventured into the beef-cattle business and made some profit but soon lost it when he entered the baby-beef field and again was forced out of business. Demos now declares that God was trying to teach him a valuable lesson, that money and work alone would not achieve success.

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