Norwich FGB June Dinner – CAREER CHANGES – Cop to Criminal to… Christian!

Simon was a thug in a police uniform, and wielding his hardwood baton, he would wade into hooligans at football matches and demonstrations – and enjoy himself. Until he nearly died when a mob almost overpowered him. Transferred to a unit of younger men, he encountered midlife crisis, left his wife, and indulged in an irresponsible bachelor lifestyle again. But he couldn’t help noticing a set of slick guys, with fast cars, glamorous women, and money. Career change! He joined them, starting as a ‘debt collector’, and quickly climbed the career ladder to become a filthy rich, something-else. Well, criminal. Until the other guys stole his loot, leaving him a very angry man.

Working out in the gym, Simon was amazed to see a former violent villain, looking totally serene. The man told Simon about Jesus, took him to a church in Brompton, where he gave his life to Christ, and embarked on an Alpha course. His life turned around, he had peace and fulfilment, and his marriage was restored. He now majors in speaking to mens meetings, FGB, leading Bold Encounter meetings, and sees others’ lives transformed by the power of God. What a story!

40-50 people attended the dinner, many went forward for prayer, and when I left at 11pm, small groups of people were still chatting and praying.

Barrie Lawrence