Report from the 2019 FGGF Global Prayer Summit


120 FGB and BMF leaders, including wives, shared about marketplace outreach, resourcing and support needs, forward vision and developments, for reaching men with the Gospel within and beyond their nations.

FGBMFI Nigeria spoke of 20 airlifts planned for 2020, BMFUK of reaching into prisons throughout Uganda and missions planned to Latvia, Georgia and Armenia, FGBMFI Hong Kong particularly of the presence of Business Men’s Fellowship in China, FGB AFIHNEC Costa Rica of developing contacts in Central and South America, BMF USA and FGBMF America of complementary links to encourage each other for witness, FGB Christen im Beruf of supporting FGB Tampere, Finland, to fulfil a week’s 2018 mission in Levi, Kittila. FGBMF Canada of completing missions in Cuba. FGB UK and Ireland, with England, Scotland and Wales represented at the Summit, retaining their global vision hosting the 2019 FGGF Global Leadership Prayer Summit. BMF UK also completed live streaming of speakers through the GLPS reaching large UK and overseas people groups.

Leadership of sessions involved all nations represented at the Summit. As each present learned from the other greater empowering was gained for forward vision and ministry. Warm, open, fellowship, hugs, and love shared among all participants were a mark of this special Prayer Summit.

Some 130 attended the concluding Decision Makers Leadership dinner. Hotel Service provision was excellent through the 2019 GLPS. Several staff spoke of having gained a new living relationship with the Lord.

The FGGF nation’s Alliance focus of being ‘ Closely Knit Together but Loosely Associated ‘ enables full decision making to be determined and implemented through the elected nation leaders. FGB and BMF Nation Leaders meeting together at a Global Leadership Prayer Summit provides the special opportunity to obtain and enlarge global vision to further fulfil the calling given by God through Demos Shakarian, as shown in Demos’s last publication ‘ The Vision Intensified ‘. The annual Summit returned in 2019 to its place of birth from 2012 – 2014 at the Holiday Inn M4J4. Subsequently Summits have been held in Costa Rica, Singapore, Nigeria and the USA.

The 2020 Global Leadership Prayer Summit, to be in Hong Kong in mid February, (Exact dates to be finalised) will be another outstanding occasion within God’s leading – continuing to expand and strengthen vision for reaching the global marketplace in ever changing times.