Report from the 2020 Global Leadership Prayer Summit in London


Nation leaders from Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Latvia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Russia, the UK, including England, Scotland and Wales, and the USA were present at the 2020 Full Gospel Global Forum Global Leadership Prayer Summit at the Holiday Inn M4J4 from 12th-15th February. Many wives accompanied the nation Directors. Some 90 were present at the GLPS.

Through the Summit FGGF nation leaders spoke of transforming Words of God received and spoken in faith bringing personal healing from cancers and severe illnesses, unlocking perceived closed doors in business negotiations, rescuing failing companies, bringing deliverance from addictions, healing marriages and revealing inspired forward strategies to reach men and women for Christ in every nation. Among those who shared one spoke of being set free from the worship of ancestral spirits and poverty to later earn an extra £100,000 for his company through speaking God’s word in a single business negotiation. This brought dramatic change within a moment of time. He turned to God in the negotiation meeting for a special Word and insight to bring very positive change to a firmly closed contract position.

An outstanding afternoon seminar presentation was given by FGBMFI Nigeria, supported by inspiring nation leader testimonies on outreach strategies to reach all representations within nations, combined with global Vision focus and airlifts to nations. This particularly complemented and fitted the 2020 FGGF GLPS theme ‘ Implementing God’s global Vision ‘.

God’s Word was received too to reveal a new forward season direction for the FGGF – The GLPS’s will be in place of the host nation’s national Convention from 2022. This will enable a wider host nation representation to participate in the global fellowship and Vision shared. It will also cause the GLPS to be the one prime event for the host nation in the GLPS year. The nation to host next GLPS’s will now cover the Secretary and Treasurer roles, moving the Secretary and Treasurer administrative support service around nations from a present central provision. The annual FGB/BMF nation Convention administration team will now be available to cover for the FGGF GLPS event.

FGGF Nation leaders were again greatly envisioned and inspired through the joint nation leader sharing and a very successful 2020 FGGF event. It was discerned and agreed that the 2021 FGGF GLPS should be in Berlin, Germany, from 10th-13th March as an event too for the FGGF Europe region. National leader delegates are greatly looking forward to being present at this 10th FGGF GLPS anniversary occasion, further revealing God’s forward directions in this new forward season.