Thomas Rice

Profession: Office Manager

About twenty years ago whilst dying of malaria I called upon the name of the Lord Jesus! I was saved and healed and led to America and invited to an FGBMFI Convention, where I was set free and was baptised in the Holy Spirit. I was given encouragement by God that I had been equipped with some supernatural giftings! I felt claws like talons released from my heart and for the first time I felt really free! Fear and unforgiveness dealt with and covered in a sweet perfume I remember a voice saying well then? Well then? I then said “I love you Father!” It was the first time in my life I let anyone into that place that no one could touch.

My life had been a mess and rejection and loss and devastion had caused me to be a hard man who never trusted anyone. Everyone I had ever loved had let me down and I would never be hurt again by anyone! Twenty years on now and I have just received the Father’s love in a supernatural encounter with God! It was looking like I was going to need a bypass, with two arteries blocked. In September 2007, I asked the Lord if there was another way. The surgeon then saw me and said that he had reconsidered and thought that stents might be the answer? I was very thankful and had two stents put in one artery but they took that long I suffered a allergic reaction and was in a right state. I had asked whilst at an FGBMFI convention in Penkridge for prayer, and I was overcome by God and on the floor for quite a time and thought that no operation would have been needed. I received confirmation from God in my calling and thought it was all over bar the praising and thanking God.

Here I am now facing a third operation and the wire up into the heart? I questioned God and I knew with all my heart I had not doubted for a moment and had kept smiling all the time. I looked upward and asked the Lord what I had done as I had not doubted and had trusted in Him completely? No answer came and I felt I could not have had more faith in the situation. On the week end I was going to a God Encounter and was teamed up with someone who asked me if I had forgiven my Father? I had and I even loved him so much now as the Holy Spirit revealed to me the good things about my Dad! He asked me again and suddenly I saw myself in a situation where I had been beaten and embarassed in front of my Mom. It was here deep within and such was the embarassment that I had buried it with the hatred of my Dad and all the pain!

I confessed my sin and asked Dad to understand why I had felt so bad and forgive me and that I forgave him completely. It was later that day that I felt the Spirit of God enter me and all I could say was Father, Father, Father over and over and over again! I then went to a dinner and was touched by God so deeply and the speaker said someone has just been healed of Angina and that someone was me! I still had to have that third operation which resulted in the surgeon saying, after another three stents were fitted, I had the equivalent of a 100% by pass without all the trauma. It was after this last operation that I finally saw the end of my fear of death and saw that doubt, faith and trust in God will always come through.

I am now free from an anger I had been fighting all my life and in love with Father in a much deeper love relationship with Him! “Honour your father and mother that all may be well with you and that you live long in the land.”