Women of the Fellowship

Women of the Fellowship are wives of members of FGB (UK & Ireland), and/or are valued regular supporters of the work and ministry of FGB in the UK & Ireland.

Their primary ministries within FGB are to:

  • support and encourage the men of the Fellowship (FGB (UK & Ireland)),
  • regularly pray for the effective work of their local Chapter, regional and national FGB (UK & Ireland), 
  • encourage women to bring their husbands and men into the Fellowship,
  • be involved in ministry alongside their husbands and the men at open (men & women) FGB events.

In addition, to supporting the men at open FGB events, Women of the Fellowship do hold other women's events: coffee mornings or evenings, regional and national events for prayer, fellowship, sharing testimonies, teaching and developing ministries to women; all with the backing and approval of the Officers of the relevant local Chapter of FGB, Regional Council or National Council, as appropriate.

To the glory and honour of Jesus Christ

 We are given many challenges in the course of our lives. Each situation becomes an opportunity, designed by God, for us to grow in our faith and to reach out to those who do not know the Lord.

When women teach women, they encourage each other. We find rare treasures as, together, we learn how wonderful and right our God is, and how much He loves and cares for us. Please join us as we love, learn, and lean on the Lord, seek to reap the harvest that is ready, and fully support FGB's vision from God for reaching men and women for Christ.

The Working Structure

Membership requests should be endorsed by the Local FGB Chapter and submitted to the FGB National Office. There is no set membership fee, but there are ongoing administrative costs, so donations would be welcomed: to be sent to the National Office.

A membership pin is given to each new member of the Women of the Fellowship on initial joining. A register of members is kept by the FGB National Office and all membership administration is handled through the office.

The leader of any local Women of the Fellowship group should be: the wife of an FGB member, approved by the officers of the local Chapter of FGB, registered with the Fellowship and notified to the FGB National Office as the appointed leader.

Marjorie Cordy is currently the national coordinator of Women of the Fellowship in the UK and Ireland, as approved by the National Council of the FGB (UK and Ireland).

For more information, please see the attached brochure or you can contact Marjorie on: 0117 9865844 or womenofthefellowship@fgbuk.org

or via the National FGB Office at: contact us or 01565 632 667.