Stuart Cripps

Profession: Nuclear Physicist

Stuart Cripps from FGB UK on Vimeo.

Science and Christianity do mix!

Stuart is a scientist employed by AMEC as a technical manager in the nuclear power and radiological safety fields. Whilst he was at university, he proved to his own satisfaction that an all-powerful God must exist. Using the second law of thermodynamics and Einstein’s theory of relativity, Stuart explains that the theory of evolution is not supported by scientific evidence and that the creator of the universe exists outside our perceived limits of time and space. However, he also demonstrates how he went on to prove through personal experience that God can have a personal relationship with any individual who has become a Christian.

“I was 23 years old when, having satisfied my scientific intellect that God must exist, I met a close friend who, having just become a Christian, claimed to have a personal relationship with God. I did not really believe that the infinitely powerful creator of the universe would possibly have any personal involvement with men and women on planet earth and I was not looking for anything from God. I had all I needed in life: a good job, an active sporting and social life and a young wife, Anne, with whom I was happy to spend the rest of my life. Church or religion just did not figure in our plans for continued enjoyment of life. However, this friend of ours was quite a normal mentally stable person, who appeared to be very sincere in her new found beliefs; so much so, that it drove me to my first ever real prayer:

“God I know you exist, but if you exist in a way that can hear me, please show me the TRUTH.”

On the very next Monday evening, the vicar from the local church was knocking at the door! For some unprecedented reason we had attended the previous Sunday evening service and ‘politely’ told the vicar we didn’t understand a word of his sermon. He had come round to answer a few questions! Well, I fired loads of questions at him, and he just calmly turned the pages of the Bible and found satisfactory answers to every question. Faced at the end of the evening with his one question:

“Is there any reason why you shouldn’t become a Christian?”

We had no answer – the TRUTH of his answers, which pointed to JESUS as the saviour and only WAY to LIFE (John 14 v 6), had been revealed from God’s words in the Bible. We both prayed for forgiveness for leaving Jesus out of our lives and asked Him to come into our lives to be our saviour and Lord. It happened. Although we didn’t feel any different at the time, Anne and I were born again that evening and we started personal relationships with God as our heavenly Father through accepting Jesus as the Son of God. We prayed to God often, but it was over six months before I heard God speak to me. In over 25 years as a Christian, God has spoken to me many times and I have witnessed some amazing signs and wonders following God’s words. These have included miracles, even an earthquake, healings and the greatest miracle of all: people becoming Christians and receiving God’s free gift of eternal life and a personal relationship with Him.

Stuart is Vice President of the Warrington Chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International and is also the FGBMFI Director for the North West Region of the UK. He regularly speaks at the FGBMFI meetings throughout the UK, when he shares in more detail his story of how he discovered the TRUTH about life as a Christian as well as a scientist.