Terry Lowe

Profession: Retired Engineering Lecturer

Terry Lowe lives  in Walderslade, Kent.

Retiring early at 54 a Senior Lecturer in Engineering I now

find myself a full time volunteer Ambassador for the King.

Have worked voluntarily since retirement in 1989 living on a pension

worse off than people on benefits I became miraculously debt free at the age of 70.

I have been married to Anne my second wife for 34 years. I have 6 children

from my first marriage in 1955 and was divorced in 1975.

I now have a beautiful daughter from my second marriage called Stephanie who is 22.

A keen footballer I played my last serious game in 1998. I spent my apprentice years in a drawing office before signing on as a regular soldier in the RE’s.

After 12 years service as a WO2 Clerk of Works (E&M) whilst on active service in Aden. I had the prospect of having to go to N. Ireland as a commissioned Officer and facing an ailing marriage which survived 8 more years.

Since retiring I went into prison ministry after attending the World Conference in 1991 and then after bible school became a prison chaplain until Bastille Day 1999.

I experienced Freemasonry before getting born again in 1986 in USA. Went to first FGB meeting on 25th Jan 1988 and later became President of the Dartford Chapter in Kent, then helped start the Dulwich Chapter in London before finally moving to the Medway Chapter after leaving prison work. I am now full time FGB Secretary.

I actually came to know there was definitely a God after saying the Lord€™s prayer one night in 1984 and asked for a sign. Next day I found myself wrestling with a gunman .

Here I am writing this so ‘thereby hangs a tale’.

If you want to hear it you need to invite me along and I’ll fill in the gaps.

You’ll find me on the back of Voice No. 964. working at College before retirement and inside at 49 holding the cup.