FGB - Who Are We?

The Full Gospel Businessmen UK & Ireland (or FGB for short) is part of the largest network of Christian Businessmen in the world: from every part of the world - working towards the fulfillment of the vision given through Demos Shakarian, alongside similar national organisations, in association with the Full Gospel Global Forum (www.fg-gf.net).

Our meetings are open to men and women and our definition of businessman is all inclusive and meant to include all people in or out of work from every race, color, culture and almost every language - we include: politicians, judges, barristers, solicitors, businessmen, executives professionals, scientists, actors, sales and office workers, HGV and taxi drivers, builders, plumbers, joiners, electricians, factory workers, teachers, those currently out of work (unemployed or retired) and young people just getting started in every field of work.

Our mission is:

  • Fellowship with members across the world
  • Fulfilling our Destiny within the call of God on our lives
  • to reach men and women for Christ and empower them for Life through the Holy Spirit
  • operating as 'an arm of the Christian Church': serving and supported by local Churches, to which we remain committed 
  • seeing the Kingdom of God extended for His Glory

We are relevant to today's World, to a new wave of people looking for values in today's World.